While everyone is invited to participate and serve in the general movements of these communities, there is a small leadership group dedicating more time to their functions.


Troy and Michelle Pitney

From Portland, Oregon, USA, both Troy and Michelle have hearts dedicated to see surf and skate communities reached for Jesus. Married since 2003, they have 4 kids: Khoen, Fletcher, Kaleah and Sora. They have worked together since 2014 to form the project and leadership of Surf Church Porto. Troy is the leader of the overall church planting project and spends his time in Porto and Viana with the two churches that they’ve planted there. Michelle also draws on many years of experience in discipling children to lead the Kids Ministry.

Dustin and Mia Waters

Dustin and Mia come from Pforzheim and Heidelberg, Germany, respectively. Married in 2013, they have one son named Eli Johannes. Dustin uses his special gifts to lead in all the media and communications for the project, creating brilliant videos and managing a team of students who represent our project on the social networks. Mia is a trained jeweler and uses her gifting to lead in our Artistic Ministries, as well as investing a lot of her time and talent in developing the Surf Church Worship Ministry team!

Katherine Grabher

Born in Grand Junction, CO, USA. Her father is American and her mother is Portuguese-Brazilian, missionaries to Portugal. Growing up in Portugal, Katherine has a deep understanding of its culture. She has been key in the process of reaching the country’s youth. Katherine has a BA(Hons) in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre from the University of East London, an Advanced Diploma in Personal Training from YMCA London, and is a CELTA certified English teacher. She is the leader of the women's ministry, the dance/fitness ministry, and overseer of the young adult ministry.

Samuel and Claudia Cianelli

Sam and Claudia have been married since 1999 and have a son named Levi. Samuel is Portuguese-Brazilian, born in the city of Santos, São Paulo province, Brazil. He studied at Vale de Bemção (Valley of Blessing) Bible Seminary, and has a degree in Business Administration, as well as post graduate studies in Sports from the University of Porto, majoring in Surf Instruction and SUP. He uses this latter course to reach Portuguese youth, especially during Summer. Claudia assists him in his work of the pastorate and as leader of the Translation Ministry, as a means of including the many foreigners that join us each Sunday. Samuel has served as a full-time pastor since October, 2009. He is co-leader of the church planting ministry of Surf Church Porto and is its current pastor.

Nuno Moleira and Gilberta Oliveira

Nuno and Gila were both born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. They have been married since 1999, and have two children, Leonor and Diogo. They lived and worked outside Portugal for 10 years, before returning from the Middle East in early 2017, having felt the call of God to return to Portugal and serve full-time as missionaries. Shortly after, they learned of the work of Surf Church Porto, and began to invest their time, gifts, talents, and knowledge in the planting of Surf Church Viana. Currently they have led all the ministries of the church together with Troy Pitney, and desire to add further members to the team.