Our community is very diverse. We have young and old, foreigners and nationals, surfers, skaters, students, etc. We have healthy, happy people and people whose lives are turned upside down. We are committed to being an eclectic and diverse group with the common bond of finding a better life together through Jesus Christ.



We believe that the Bible is clear in stating that the "Church" is not a building, nor a service, but a community of people who have chosen to believe and follow Jesus Christ. At 5:30 pm we gather for snacks and at 6:15 pm we start the communion time..


Surf Camp

This is a week-long camp where participants not only get practical and theoretical help to improve their surfing at any level, they are also engaged in gospel centered teaching about the bible, faith, who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. Find out here the Surf Camp Registration for 2022.



Prayer is an important part of everything we do. That's why we want to meet once a week to simply pray together. We pray for things that are happening in the lives of our church members, events, personal challenges. And also, we take this moment to thank you for all the great things that God has already done in our midst.



We believe that we were freed, because of the sacrifice and love of the Lord Jesus, to live adventurous, selfless and fulfilling lives! To celebrate this freedom, we started every church service with a surf session! We meet at 2 pm at church, to begin our worship of God by enjoying the waves He created! Contact Samuel Cianelli +351 918 878 178, for more information.


The Chosen

Anyone who hasn't watched this series doesn't know what they're missing! Every 15 days, on Fridays, we watch the great series The Chosen One at the Johnson's house. We got together at 7pm for a good meal and then watched 1 episode of the series together. Contact Jan Johnson +351 932 297 301, for more information.



Our mission is to help women discover their worth in the eyes of their loving Heavenly Father and how to reflect their virtuous nature, enabling them to create waves disciples. Contact Nilvania Lima +351 938 228 021, for more information.


Bible Study

These are Bible study groups that aim to strengthen the communion of Surf Church. Through an informal time of fellowship, a meditation on the Scriptures, and worship of God, we want to strengthen our community's relationships. Not only those who already know us are welcome, but all those who are interested in knowing more about the Bible and Jesus Christ. The groups have weekly meetings in English on Thursdays at 7 pm. For more information contact Jan Johnson +351 932 297 301


Worship Night

We worship, we pray, we share, we eat and who knows watch a movie. We challenge people to bring a song and we sing it together. It's a moment of blessing! It happens occasionally, and is previously announced on our Instagram. Stay tuned.