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Our community is widely varied. We have young and old, foreigners and nationals, surfers, skaters and students. We have healthy people and folks that are barely hanging on. We are committed to being an eclectic and diverse group, with the common bond of finding a better life together, through Jesus Christ.

Creative Nights

We believe that humans were made to be beautiful and creative, in the image of the beautiful Creator. We celebrate this by being creative together in an artistic forum, every Wednesday. Starting at 7pm and often going late into the night, creativity breeds anything from clothing to crafts, friendships to food, drawings to dessert!

Contact Michelle Pitney ( for more information.


We believe we have been set free, because of the sacrifice and love of the Lord Jesus, to live adventurous, self-less and satisfying lives! To celebrate this freedom, we begin every Sunday church service, with a surf session! We meet at 14h at Matosinhos beach, in the Edificio Transparente, by the surf school called “Flower Power School,” to begin our worship of God through enjoying the waves He made!

Bring your own suit and board, or rent the necessary equipment for €5,00 from Flower Power School.

Contact Samuel Cianelli +351 918 878 178 for more information.


Our mission is to help women discover their value in the eyes of your loving heavenly father and how to reflect his virtuous nature, empowering them to create continuous waves of disciples.

Contact Katherine Grabher @ +351 918 142 203 for more information.


We believe that the Bible is clear in stating that “church” isn’t a building, or a service, but that “church” is the community of people that have chosen to believe in and follow Jesus Christ. In addition to the many events that the “church” comes together for every week, we have a Sunday church service at the Edificio Transparente. This begins at 14h with beach time/surf session, followed by a snack at 17h30, worship at 18h30, Bible teaching at 19h15 and prayer at 20h. People always end up hanging out for a while afterwards as well!

Contact Samuel Cianelli @ +351 918 878 178 for more information.

Youth Group Surf Church

Jesus left us two big commandments, love God with all your heart, soul and mind & love your neighbor as yourself. As a Youth group our goal is to strengthen our relationship with God and share His love with one another. Thus, to respond the growing number of young people showing up in Surf Church we hold one monthly (big) meeting and other weekly (casual) meetings.

Jesus is the reason we meet and we want young people to experience the freedom that exists in the Love of God.

For more informations contact Guilherme (+351 932 488 362)

Bible Study

These Bible study groups aim to strengthen the community of Surf Church, through an informal time of socializing, scripture meditation and worship to God. Everyone is welcome.

The group has weekly meetings held in Portuguese at 19h on Saturdays. For more information contact Ozie de Pinho (+351 939 921 507).

The group has weekly meetings held in English at 19h on Thursdays. For more information contact Jan Johnson (+351 933 029 685).


Prayer is an important part in everything we do. Still we want to meet once a week to simply just pray together. We pray for things going on in the lives of our church members, events, personal challenges. And also, take this time to give thanks for all the great things God has done in our midst already.

Come join us in prayer on Sundays at 17h before church service or send special prayer request to Jan Johnson (