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While everyone is invited to participate and serve in the general movements of these communities, there is a small leadership group dedicating more time to their functions.

Samuel and Claudia Cianelli

Sam and Claudia have been married since 2009 and have a son named Levi and a daughter named Lailah. Samuel is Portuguese-Brazilian, born in the city of Santos, São Paulo province, Brazil. He studied at Vale de Bemção (Valley of Blessing) Bible Seminary, and has a degree in Business Administration, as well as post graduate studies in Sports from the University of Porto, majoring in Surf Instruction and SUP. He uses this latter course to reach Portuguese youth, especially during Summer. Claudia assists him in his work of the pastorate. Samuel has served as a full-time pastor since October, 2009. He is co-leader of the church planting ministry of Surf Church and is the current pastor of Surf Church Porto.