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Our community is widely varied. We have young and old, foreigners and nationals, surfers, skaters and students. We have healthy people and folks that are barely hanging on. We are committed to being an eclectic and diverse group, with the common bond of finding a better life together, through Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to help women discover their value in the eyes of your loving heavenly father and how to reflect his virtuous nature, empowering them to create continuous waves of disciples.

Contact Gilberta Oliveira (+351 911 076 060) for more information.

Creative Nights

God is the Creator. Looking around we can see his beauty in nature and the people around us. We believe that humans were made to be beautiful and creative like their Creator. We want to celebrate this by being creative together in an artistic forum. Whatever craft or art you love, whatever you are working on or want to become better at, bring your project and let’s be creative together! From drawing to sewing, from wood to food, from poetry to pottery – nothing is too fancy.

Contact Benni ( for more information or send us a message on Instagram.


We believe that the Bible is clear in stating that “church” isn’t a building, or a service, but that “church” is the community of people that have chosen to believe in and follow Jesus Christ. In addition to the many events that the “church” comes together for every week, we have a Sunday church service at Nuno & Gila’s house. This begins at 10h with beach time, followed by lunch at 12h30, worship, Bible teaching and prayer at 14h. People always end up hanging out for a while afterwards as well!

Contact Nuno Moleira (+351 914 461 104) for more information.

Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids teaches the word of God to Surf Church Viana kids, so they may know and love God, His Son jesus Christ and live for His glory in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Contact Marjorie Ferreira (+351 933 859 837), for more information.

Young Adults


M2.8 is inspired by 1.Timothy 2:8. We want to be men that honor God through their lives. We want to follow Jesus, pray with and for each other, embrace responsibility, love and serve our families and community. When we meet, we eat, share life and have fun together – for example by making our own craft beer. Most of our meetings are intentionally no church-like events and we welcome every man to join us!

Do you want to join us or want to know when we make the next batch of craft beer? Contact Benni ( for more information.